SimCity 4 Free Download Deluxe Edition

For all mayors around the world, here is a complete guide regarding simcity 4 Installation and how to download simcity as the best a simulation game successfully on your PC. Follow these instructions carefully and check any error you made during installation.This guide only for Full Version!

download simcity

I am a huge fan of SimCity games. My first SimCity game is SimCity 2000 or Classic one. I play it first time in PlayStation One and after that I upgrade it and started to play SimCity 4 Deluxe edition.

From the forum that I engaged SimCity 4 is the best among SimCity's family, it’s better than SimCity 5. Here is the review for SimCity 5. You can compare between these two SimCity.

I wrote this article because I’ve a full knowledge about the process. I did the research before, it’s based on my own experience so you don’t have to worry about. Are you Mayor, ready? Here are we go!

Install and Download simcity 4 Game successfully

download simcity

Before we go further, make sure you have these things on your list:

  1. ISO to mount the game during installation process
  2. WinRar to open the file
  3. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition core file.
  4. SimCity Cra*k, If you get the game for free, you need this!

Once you got all those things above, follow these steps. Do it step by step very carefully:

  1. Open the file you’ve downloaded using WinRar, put those file in a new folder and named with SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition.
  2. If your file is right then it consist of SimCity 4 Part A and SimCity Part B. Mount Part A using ISO then Do the same thing to SimCity Part B. Do it without error. At the end you got Part A and Part B. ISO make those file in disc Format. You can see their thumbnail image like a disc.
  3. RUN SimCity 4 game Installation. Make sure you turn off the internet and Anti-virus.
  4. Give the serial key: 546N-F6ZP-THQ5-EKVX-TW4B.
  5. When prompted for Disc 2 then you mount it using ISO.
  6. You have to wait until it finish.
  7. Once it finish, open the file Directory usually here – C:\program files\Maxis\SimCity\4 Deluxe.
  8. Open Folder App, find the game application the replace it with the Cra*ck. Do it with copy paste. Make sure the original one deleted already.
  9. You have to trust me, because it works!
  10. Enjoy and play the game as a good mayor.
What a beautiful thing about SimCity 4 Deluxe edition is you don’t need Computer with latest CPU and Graphic card in order to enjoy the game. I can play it using Note-Book HP 1.8 GHz, CPU N470. You might like to get this game for simcity 5.

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