How To Fix Blue Screen On Laptop

This blue screen of death BOSD is common issue for AMD Radeon HD 5000 Mobility graphic card on laptop or PC. I have experienced the same problem while gaming or open certain applications. My Dell Inspirion 2205 always got blue screen when I played games, watching movie or even open certain applications. I tried anything to solve this problem but none of them gave me the best solution.

How To Fix Blue Screen On Laptop

Find the right solution about how to fix blue screen on laptop 

Then you have to find out what caused your laptop having a blue screen error while gaming. The error code appear on your screen is the key to do so.

I upgrade operating system from windows 7 into windows 10 but the blue screen error still persists. I also update graphic card driver into the latest one but the issue still in there. Even i did system restore but the screens of death bsod still exist. I read many forums about how to fix this kind of blue screen but none of these forums gave me the solution. I was frustrating and almost to give up my research. you also can do research through these forums below:

The forum asked to do clean uninstall of graphic card driver and booting into safe mode and I use DDU software but blue screen of error couldn’t be fixed as well. I did all the possible solutions about how to fix blue screen on laptop until I found the best one.

How To Fix Blue Screen On Laptop

If you want to update graphic driver you should do clean un-installation. I did it but the problem is not there. Then what is the problem of my pc?

The blue screen of error commonly caused by following problems:

  • Your video card is broken or the damage of your graphic card. Then you got to buy the new one to stop error.
  • The failure of hard disk. Then you have to replace it with new hard disk.
  • Driver of graphic card is too old and need to be updated. Then you have to install updates. Go to your graphic card official website in order to fix blue screen on laptop.
  • Check device driver and look for old one if you find them then install for updates.
  • Some cases your graphic card driver is not suitable even you have the latest one. For this issue you must find the correct driver to stop error. After you update it then restarting your computer.

How To Fix Blue Screen On Laptop

If you want to solve or fix blue screen error on laptop then you should find out what cause the system having a BOSD. Once you find out then you can do research to find possible solution. That’s what I did on my laptop about how to fix a bluescreen on laptop.

IF Blue screen caused by your graphic driver then the solution to repair is you have to find the correct driver not to update your driver. Keep in your mind in order to fix your BOSD caused by graphic card driver you have to find the correct or suitable driver.

You can apply the methods on this page if you having windows 7 bluescreen, windows 8 bluescreen or windows 10 blue screen. You can fix blue screen error immediately. How to fix blue screen article only apply for pc not for video game console such as Nintendo switch blue screen of death or any video game console. I will write this solution very soon on another page.

If your video card is AMD Radeon HD 5000 series and you have blue screen issue then you can follow these steps:

  1. Download AMD Radeon HD 5000 mobility version Driver Here. It works very well on Windows 10 operating system as well.
  2. Install this AMD Radeon HD 5000 mobility version driver.
  3. Restarting your computer.

Hopefully you have found out what caused your laptop having Blue Screen error so that you know how to fix blue screen on laptop and no need to buy a new one.

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