How to Establish Passive Income On Feature Points

Feature points is one of the best money making app nowdays. What is a feature points? It is an app to make money for trying free apps and sharing referral links to others. On this page we will discuss how to get points faster or unlimited task on Feature Points. As a beginner you should know this method in order to maximize your earning or in another words you can create a passive income with this money making app and you also can create passive income for playing games on your smartphone.

passive income on feature points

If you live in US, Canada, UK you have advantage for using Feature Points because you will be easily to earn points if live in those countries. But if you don't live in the mentioned countries, Don't worry about that we have a solution for you. The method we will teach you absolutely will triple your earning. 

You should check this video how i make $1000 a week on Feature Points or you can watch payment proof on feature points. I believe you also interested to read this Highest Payout Apps will give you a passive income.

Did you know? By applying these methods you can earn money even you sleep.

It's true you can establish passive income with feature points.  

On this money making app you can act as a user and a reseller.

As a user you have to use the app, download, install and try app to earn money while as a reseller you have to share your referral link to others. You can customize your invitation code with any name so people be easily to use it. In order to maximize or get points faster on feature points you have to act as a user and reseller.

Here are this simple tricks to double task on feature points;
  1. For a beginner you can download Feature Points (The Highest Payout Apps) on your smartphone for free.
  2. Install the app and enter code: Mao ( to get bonus 70 points, don't skip this otherwise you will lose a bonus points. There is no chance for you to enter another code again)
  3. Download Free VPN app on your smartphone
  4. Set up VPN network for US, Canada, UK, Germany or any Europe Countries
  5. Open your FeaturePoints again. Now you have many task to earn a lot of points. 
  6. You can do this trick once in two days. 
Here are method to maximize your earning online using Feature Points. By applying this method you can establish passive income. You have to be patient and consistently doing these:

  1. You must have a Youtube account! you can sign up using your gmail or
  2. Create a video about Feature Points.
  3. Put your Referral links on your video description. You also can customize your invitation code with a name that people easily to remember such as Dog, Cats, Sky or anything.
  4. Post your Feature Points Video on Youtube.
  5. You also can comment on any money making app video on youtube (This trick will give you fast result)
  6. You also can post your referral links to Making Money Online Group on Facebook or Create The page about Feature Points like I did. 
  7. Do theses tasks persistently and i believe you will get the result in one year and you can make $1000 a week on Feature Points.

Note: You have to login or do any activity on Feature Poins Once in 60 days. If there are no activity in 60 days your points will reset in zero.

If you have question or want to share you tricks how to get points faster on Feature Points please give your comment on this page.

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