How To Get Free Steam Gift Card

Plenty of games coming soon on Steam such as Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Pillars of Eternity II – Deadfire, Extinction and many more. If your steam wallet is empty now and you still want to buy those games you are on the right page. We reveal a trick for you to top up your steam wallet with free steam gift card. There are many ways to get a free gift cards for steam but we discuss only the best and easiest one.

steam gift card
Free Steam Gift Card
Who wouldn’t love to get those fine expensive games in Steam? Now, you will never have to waste your precious bucks for games. You can just get Free Steam Codes using our simple methods for Steam games. Here are the best ways to get Free Steam Codes! None of these methods require you to spend any money.

Get Free Steam Gift Card With Feature Points

  1. Download Feature Points. Once you installed the app, enter code “mao” for 50 points bonus. You can read more about feature points.
  2. Open Your Feature Points and earn the points as many as you can by completing the offer. The offer is very easy you just trying free app for 2 minutes.
  3. If you want to earn more points you should read how to get points faster on Feature Points.
  4. Redeem Your Points with rewards and you can choose for free steam gift card. The developer will send you a free steam gift card via email so you have to give her your valid email address. Check your Email and get your reward for free.
  5. Go to you steam account and you can top up your steam wallet with the free steam gift card.

The most fun way to earn Free Steam Gift Card with APP Like 

  1. Download App Like. Once you installed the app connect it with your Facebook or Google Account.
  2. Open the app in order to earn points. Go to proposed menu and find the best offer with many stars. Choose play and collect. Play the game as long as you can in order to earn many point. You can read how to maximize earning points on App Like.
  3. Once your point is enough to redeem a reward, go Bonus Tab. Change those points with free steam gift card.
  4. Go to your steam account and read the instruction on steam gift card about how to up steam wallet.
You don’t have to spend any buck to top up your steam wallet. You just need a little bit extra afford to get this steam gift card for FREE. Any question for this article? Write your comment below.

Update Do not install APP LIKE because you will be blocked once you have many friends and once you got many point.

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