The Best FPS Aim Training Guide

Have you ever played First Person Shooter (FPS) games on PC? But you don’t have a good skill to aim on target. You are suck on using mouse. This page will be your reference to improve your skill on aiming. We don’t give you aim training but we provide you tips and tool how to increase your FPS aim skill.

FPS Aim Training
FPS Aim Training

What is your favorite First Person Shooter games? Let's say Fortnite, PUBG or CSGO but those games need you to be on good aiming and you need such skills in order to be the successful gamer. 

What is the best training method you did to increase such skills? We’ve found very useful game in which you can train yourself and we called it “FPS Aim Training Game for PC” or you can call it with Mouse Training Game. This game will improve your mouse accuracy skill and it is great FPS mouse training simulator which is using reflexes, muscle memory under a controlled time limit with accuracy score. You should try this aiming game. 

The FPS Aim training divided into three parts; Accuracy, Reflect and Quickness.

It is necessary to pick up and buy a professional mouse, a rug for a mouse, the gaming keyboard, and certainly the good monitor with high quality of the image. 

The Most Successful FPS Aim Training.

You can follow his schedule below. Make sure you go step by step because the process makes you be a better gamer on FPS games. This course is one of the best FPS Aim Trainer you can get.

FPS aim training
 FPS Aim Training

Best PC Aim Trainers


Exact Aiming. Basic training of accuracy.
Exact Aiming Antistrafe. First hit stop the target, the second bring you points.
Exact Aiming Survival. Game stops at the first miss or the passed target.
Exact Aiming Unlimited. There is no time limit.
Exact Aiming Unlimited Plus. There is no time limit. Increased number of targets.
Exact Aiming Masters. Points per hit depends from your quickness.
Exact Aiming Pro. Size of the targets is reduced and the trajectory of movement is complicated.
Exact Aiming Dot. There is one small target which changes position with hitting.
Exact Aiming Dot Plus. Analog of EA Dot with addition of quantity of targets on the screen.
Exact Aiming V2. There is only one target. You should keep the cursor on it without clicking.


Press Reaction. Basic training of reflex reaction.
Press Reaction Pro. Size of the hit area is reduced.
Press Reaction V2. You should to react to changing color and position of the target.
New! Press Reaction Moving. You should to react to changing color at the moving target.
New! Press Reaction Express. There are 10 targets on the screen. You should to react to changing targets color.


Fast Aiming. Basic training of quickness.
Fast Aiming Masters. You should aim in the center of the target. Points for hit depends from it.
Fast Aiming Pro. Size and "life time" of the target is reduced.
Fast Aiming Mass Click. You should to hit down 150 targets so fast as you can. Appears at once 50 targets on the screen.
Fast Aiming Double. There are two targets at the same time. For receiving points, you must hit both.
Fast Aiming Triple. Appears three targets. To get points you must get all three. On each triple-hit the targets life time decreases.
Fast Aiming Quadro. You see four targets. To get points you must hit all four. On each quadruple-hit the targets size decreases.

FPS Aim Trainer Available for Windows 64, Windows 86, OS X and Linux.

Make sure you have to follow step bey step. Every step you complete will gain your skill on that area.  Complete this FPS aim training and become the master on such games genre. For pro fps aim training visit us.

Here is the software that you need to improve your Aiming Skill for First Person Shooter game like PUBG or Fortnite. The software is totally free once you download it just open the app. You don't have to install because it already pre-install. For detail how does it work go to this page; Aim Hero PC Download.

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