Shader Model 3.0

If your PC got old graphic card you might need this article to solve shader model 3.0 is missing or any latest game you trying to run required this kind of shader. Normally any old graphic card only provide shader model 2.0 in which used to run old games.

shader model 3.0 download
shader model 3.0

In case you want to play any latest games such as resident evil, GTA V or PES 2019, The Sims 4 and SimCity 2013 then you need shader model 3.0 on your graphic card. But if your PC is too old and you still want to play such games, then the question is what will you do to solve such issue? The answer is in this page. you have to read it till finish and we will give you a brilliant solution. Are you ready for this new knowledge? Here're we go!

Shader Model 3.0 is Missing, Solution?  

You are on the right path to fix this common issue. You never thought that your PC can not provide shader model 3.0 because you think it as a good specs but you never know your pc got hardware problem when it comes to play latest games or latest applications in which most of them required shader model 3.0.

There are 2 ways to solve this issue. Let's take a look what are they?

  • Buying a latest PC with a good specs. Something you might think twice to do that. I assume that's not the best solution.
  • Download shader model 3.0 on your computer. That's the best solution I guess and you can do that right now and it cost you nothing. It's totally FREE and EASY!

How to download Shader Model 3.0?

You can download shader model 3.0 from this website and it's totally free. At the end of this article we will put the link to download this kind of shader. Just put your email and start to download.

How to apply Shader Model 3.0 On Any Games?

This shader model 3.0 is artificial one so you must do something in order to run it for your gaming. just follow these steps and you done.

  1. Downoad the file of this shader
  2. extract the file using Winrar. If you don't have a Winrar don't worry you can download Winrar here.
  3. Once you have extracted it you will receive the folder named Swift shader 3.0 download modified.
  4. Open the folder, copy the file named d3d9.dll and then paste it on your game directory.
  5. Run the game and you've done!

We hope this artificial shader model 3.0 could help you to play your favorite games on your old PC. The point is you don't have to buy a new computer or replace the old graphic card with the latest one like nvidia GTX  support shader model 3.0 or AMD Radeon.

There is another graphic emulator in which easy to use and no watermark and it is called 3d analyzer. You might interested to give a shot.

But if you still want to use Swiftshader and want to remove the watermark logo on it you can try this method. It is a short tutorial to remove the logo on shader model 3.0 download and it also teach you how to make the best setting for the software.

swiftshader 3.0 скачать бесплатно

Enjoy this article? Please give us your thought about this shader model 3.0 and don't forget to download the file below!

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