Top 5 Best GPU for 1080p Gaming Tested by Experts

Top 5 best GPU for 1080p budget PC gaming you can buy for the early of 2020. We will cover up the five most popular graphics cards. Both brand new and used for under $250. More specifically from the price range of $120 all the way up to $220 all about a $100 price range.

Top 5 Best GPU

Best Budget Graphics Cards for 1080p Gaming - The Ultimate GPU Guide

From those top 5 graphics cards, I will be deciding for you at the end of this page which one I think would be the best. You can get these new graphics card or a used one on Amazon. The links given on this page.

  1. EVGA GTX 1660
  2. GIGABYTE GTX 1650
  3. GIGABYTE GTX 1060
  5. XFX RX 570

What I haven’t seen many other graphics card review slash comparison videos do is actually test games. I think would be relevant because many of those videos just have games that have really convenient built-in benchmarking tools. 

But again they don’t include games like Fortnite and CSGO. 

Luckily, I was able to do it  and I think a really clever way which we’ll talk about it later. On top of that they also don’t go into value analysis of each graphics cards. 

What I’ve done is calculate the frame per dollar on each of these cards.

On top of the performance go into value, which of these graphics cards is giving you the most frame per dollar. 

More or less I want this article to give you the most well-rounded well opinionate answer. 

Which graphic card is going to be best for your hard earned money? 

Again, each of these graphic cards that you see in this page will be linked down to amazon. If you want to check them out or to purchase them for your next gaming PC or as an upgrade for your current one.

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I want to give an honorable mention to the RX 590. It’s a graphic card does meet the criteria for this article since it’s about $210 brand-new. However, when you look at the GTX 1660 which is only $10 more, it just simply beats it on all term of performance and value. 

For that simple metric I am excluding it out of this page. It will have linked to amazon link if you want to check it out.

If you want a really powerful AMD graphic card for a certain scenario, that’s the best you can get for under 250 bucks. 

Anyway, let’s go ahead and talk about the five specific cards we’re testing;


First, we have the gigabyte GTX 1660. Overclocked edition graphics cards. This gpu has six gigabytes of gddr5 memory and 1830 MHz clock speed 1408 CUDA cores for the moment. 

It’s invidious entry-level mid-range 1080p graphics card and I think for the price it’s going to stay here for a long time. So you won’t be running out of it if you were to say buy a brand new. You can buy this best GPU for 1080p gaming on amazon.

Evga gtx 1660


Next, we have the EVGA GeForce 1650s C ultra-card. This has 4 GB of gddr5 memory and 1860 MHz clock speed and 896 CUDA cores. It is only brand-new Touring based GTX card that is below $200. Also, it’s the cheapest graphics card on this list being brand new. One of best graphics card under 200 for 1080p gaming. You can get this GPU on Amazon.

GTX 1650


Next, we have gigabyte GTX 1060 extreme gaming edition card. It has 6 GB of gddr5 memory a 1620 MHz clock speed 12080 CUDA cores. This is only the graphics card on this list at the moment you can get mostly readily used. You can’t really get it brand new. But I am so confident that you will run out of this card on used market because it is number one most popular GTX card based of steam. I have no doubt that there’s no shortage GTX 1060 on amazon. Best Graphic Card under 300 for 1080p gaming.

GeForce GTX 1060


We have the power color RX 580 red devil graphics card. This has 8 GB of gddr5 memory, a 1380 MHz clock speed and 2304 stream processors. This I would say is a the most popular graphics card at the moment. It's pretty well priced as well and you can get this thing brand new and used. If you want to check this gpu for 1080p on Amazon, just click here.

powercolor rx 580

XFX RX 570

Next, it's very similar to previous GPU.We have the XFX RX 570 has 8 GB of gddr5 memory, a 1284 MHz clock speed, 2048 stream processors and just like the RX 580 is. Another very popular choice of GPU for 1080 gaming. And it is less expensive than the previous card we just talked about. Well, we got the graphic cards and now let’s go into the benchmark for  to 5 best gpu for budget gaming PC.

RX 570

Performance Benchmark Test

First I will be showing you the benchmark across five games. Those being Fortnite, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, Forza Horizon 4 and GTA V. Aside  from Forza Horizon 4, which is my personal favorite PC game. I think those four games are going to be really what you’re going to be looking at. In term of kind of measuring the performance of a gpu on an actual realistic PC gaming scale. 

Hopefully, that’ll give you more realistic view of how good these cards stack up against each other. One important thing to note is that I’ve actually got the same scripting in term of testing for each of these cards. And that does include four die in CSGO even though they don’t have built-in benchmarking tool. Thanks to their community maps and features I’ve actually downloaded two benchmarking based maps for CSGO and Fortnite. 

That way be testing for all the graphics cards on those two games. It will be identical rather than going out into the blue on battle royal or death-match and having possible variable results. One final thing to note is all these benchmarks were done at the stock speeds. None of these graphic graphics card were overclocked.

Note: benchmarks were done on an overclocked RYZEN 2200G (4.075GHz), 300MHz 8GB DDR4 and B450 ASROCK PR04-F M0B0.

Performance Benchmark test on GTA V

First, we have GTA V. It is running at high settings with FXAA enabled MSAA 2x enabled and anti-traffic filtering at 16x. The GTX 1660 is the fastest card and the RX 570 is the slowest. But again the GTX 1060 is not too far behind from the GTX 1660 which is something interesting. The generational difference between this touring and pascal card also another thing to note. It is the GTX 1650 and RX 580 basically have the same result.

benchmark test GTA V

Performance Benchmark Test on Fortnite

Next, we’ve got Fortnite! It is running at competitive setting so not completely maxed out which mean we’re running at a render distance of epic. We’re pretty much ready at low on everything else in the game settings.

One thing to know, what this benchmarking map, is basically throwing everything possible at the graphics card. The averages for this benchmarking test are considerably lower than what you’ll actually get in game. 

Just keep note of that but the scripting was the same. We did get some interesting results so in terms of data there’s definitely some things off. Why is the GTX  1650 which probably the slowest graphic card on this list score as well as the GTX 1660 and even the 1060. 

At the same time the RX 570 actually beating the 580 in the benchmarking tool. So, the real data for Fortnite from what I found was really inconclusive. But one thing we can tell is that AMD graphics cards do run worse on Fortnite. This is because the Fortnite is using the Unreal Engine which is really well optimized for NVIDIA graphics cards

If you would like to play the Fortnite for the rest of your life then I would look into getting an NVIDIA graphic card.

benchmark test fortnite

Performance Benchmark Test on Forza Horizon 4

Next, we have Forza Horizon 4. It is running at ultra-settings and here we have the RX 580 finely matching up with these Nvidia cards. Matching with the GTX 1060 at 74 Frames per second and notably the GTX 1650 definitely tanking at 59 FPS. And RX 570 for only $10 more getting 68 FPS. 

I think it’s important to include this game because it is a Microsoft Studios game. Most of the Microsoft’s titles coming from Xbox over to PC are more optimized AMD. 

The Xbox one itself is running on an AMD APU. Basically, this may be important for those of you who are looking at the HALO Master Chief Collection. That game is developed by Microsoft Studios. Maybe getting an AMD graphic card for that reason would be useful according to these results 

Benchmark test Forza horizon 4

Performance Benchmark Test on RS6 Siege

Next, we have RS6 Siege is running at Max settings. TAA anti-aliasing, 100% Render resolution and here, the GTX 1660 is pulling ahead. More interestingly the RX 580 and RX 570 do put up a good fight for their price.

Benchmark test Rainbow 6 Siege

Performance Benchmark Test on CSGO

Lastly, With CSGO where the averages were ridiculously high. Again it is running at max settings. If you were to turn it down to more competitive settings, you probably get above 240 frames per second on each of these graphic cards. But with the game setting maxed out, the GTX 1660 is the fastest and the 1060 is right behind it despite the generational difference. 

The GTX 1650 definitely shows that $70 difference and on top of that the RX 580 and RX 570 are right in the middle.

Benchmark test CSGO

Value Benchmark Test on A Brand New Graphic Card

Now let’s go into the value benchmark in terms of the graphics cards based off of their brand-new prices. This is going to be excluding the GTX 1060 since you can’t get card brand new.  

Value Benchmark Test on GTA V

Among the four graphics cards on the GTA V, the GTX 1650 actually presented the most value at 0.51 Frames per Dollar. The lowest with was the RX 580 at point 0.42 frames per dollar. It’s not that far behind the GTX 1660 and RX 570. The GTX 1650 shines has to have value on this.

Value Benchmark Test on GTA V

Value Benchmark Test on Fortnite

Now on Fortnite! Again the GTX 1650 shines at point 0.61 FPS/$. But again that benchmarking tool is I guess it duly produced the best result. I wouldn’t totally take this metric for the game into account. But again, you can see the value difference between AMD and NVIDIA in this case.

Value Benchmark Test on Fortnite

Value Benchmark Test on Forza Horizon 4

Now on the more stable result on Forza horizon 4. We can see the GTX 1660 has the worst at the point 0.34 FPS/$ and the RX 570 has the best at point 0.43 FPS/$. 

Value Benchmark Test on Forza Horizon 4

Value Benchmark Test on Rainbow 6 Siege

On the Rainbow 6 Siege, we can see the RX 580 and RX 570 are tied in terms of value at 0.52 FPS/$.  The GTX 1660 is the lowest but actually it’s not the worst which is not that far behind. 

Value benchmark test on RS6 Siege

Value Benchmark Test on CSGO

Closing out at CSGO, there is going to be a big difference. Here we can see that the GTX 1650 has the best value at 1.40 FPS/$. I am not too surprised by this because the frame rate in that game are obviously really high. 

Off course, there’s a kind of point of diminishing returns when it come to how much you spend on the graphic card. Now hive our frames per second, you’re going to get on a game and like really low settings that’s really easy to run.

Value Benchmark Test on CSGO

The GTX 1650 did score the best in term of value. But that one totally judges value just based off this game as you can see the GTX 1660 was the fastest graphic card. But it has the lowest value rating which kind of shows that what I was just talking about. 

Value Benchmark Test on Used GPU

But now how about the used market? How would the RX 580 and RX 570 stacks up to the GTX 1060? If you’re looking at these cards from a used perspective so this emits the GTX 1660 and GTX 1650.

Well, for that we can see on that the GTA V. Again the used GTX 1060 does come out on top and I am not surprised because the GTA V is a very well optimized game for NVIDIA graphic cards. 

 GPU for 1080p Gaming

Now on Fortnite tough, we can see that actually when looking at the new cards in comparison on the RX 570 used for about $125. Presents the best value out of the whole entire list which is good to see. I mean it’s a really little price on Amazon but that’s kind of interesting to see from an NVIDIA optimized game.

1080p GPU benchmark test

Next, move on to Forza which is a bit more aimed be optimized. We can see that the RX 580 and 570 are 2% really good value right there at about 0.53 FPS/$ and 0.54 FPS/$. Again, NVIDIA graphics card doesn’t quite stack up in terms of value and used perspective.

GPU benchmark test

Move on to Rainbow Six Siege, we can see that the RX 570 and RX 580 definitely hold their value. They getting at 0.67FPS/$ compared to the 0.58FPS/$ on the GTX 1060.

gpu benchmark test

Finally, rounding it out with CSGO. We can see that the RX 570 took the crown in term of value and the RX 580 actually hold held the least value in terms of used price. 

benchmark test


So, coming to my final thoughts. Which card do you think I ultimately recommend for those of you looking at the brand-new graphics card?  

If we are looking for the brand-new card, I actually wouldn’t stray too far away from the new GTX 1600 series of graphics cards. More specifically the GTX 1650. 

The only reason is because one the RX 570 and RX 580 are eventually going to be replaced by their Navi counterparts. 

On top of that there is rising in the price again. RX cards really popular for mining that cryptocurrency and the price in general just risen. So, the RX on brand-new perspective may not be that worth it to get. 

If you really low in cash I wouldn’t actually disrespect this GTX 1650. It can actually hold its own but again if you need more power I would into GTX 1660. 

I did get to test one in my upcoming 600-hour gaming PC and I overclocked. The results were pretty shocking. 

How about the used graphics cards? What should you get? 

If you want the best value used gpu that going to give you the most frames per dollar along with some really solid 10 DP gaming performance. For that I will net getting farther than actually the RX 570 at 8GB Vram. 

As we saw from the benchmarks. It wasn’t that much slower than RX 580 maybe with the exception of Rainbow Six Siege. 

In top of that it takes in way less wattage and its much cooler gpu. The TDP on the RX 580 is 185 watts and the TDP RX 570 is 120 watts on the fine setting. Which I think is a blessing in disguise.

For those of you who want to play Fortnite or PUBG games in which run on the Unreal Engine, I would actually look at the GTX 1060. 

It because that is a gpu with some really good value despite being used. Especially this used one that I got which is the extreme gaming edition. 

That’s it for my Best Budget Graphics Cards for 1080p PC Gaming. If you enjoy this content feel free to subscribe. That’s all that I have for you, thank you so much for reading.

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