PC Gaming Setup Guide 2020 for Apex Legends

This is an Apex Legends PC theme gaming setup because this game quite popular this year. Off course there’s a benchmark for this game on this page which be showed up at the end of this guide. Be sure to read the whole article then don’t skip ahead.

PC Gaming Setup Guide 2020 for Apex Legends

In this gaming PC build for the Apex Legends, we’re going to be covering everything from the 1080p fast lag-less monitor and all the way to the individual gaming peripherals and then into the gaming PC. So, that’s the guide be doing for you. Let’s get started!

Complete $800 Apex Legends PC Gaming Setup Guide 2020!

Samsung 390 Curved 1080p 24' Gaming Monitor

The first thing I really like that being the 24-inch Samsung 390 curved gaming monitor. It’s around $150 monitor. It’s maybe a little bit more expensive then I wanted to but actually, it’s really a fantastic price. Because for $150 this monitor is curves and I like my lover how I like my gaming monitor curved.

samsung 390 curved monitor

There’s actually some really details in this monitor that being free sync a 4 ms response time and a 60 Hz for fresh rate. All for 150 bucks which means you’re going to have a lag-less super fast gaming experience with you on this monitor and being a converter to an AMD graphics card, I really can appreciate the free sync technology right now. So, I really have with that feature in this budget gaming monitor. It’s going to be working in tangent with the RX 570 located inside spectre. It’s curve and super-fast and it will be great for Apex Legends too.

Gamdias Hebe M1 RGB Gaming Headset

For the gaming headset, I have the Gamdias Hebe M1 RGB for around $37. This is the other thing about this setup which I really like about. It is the fantastic headset. It was 37 dollars but honestly the sound, the features and the RGB lighting that’s brought to you from headset is really mind blowing. How is that monitor that good in terms of lighting and sound for being cheap only 37 bucks.

gaming headset
credit: amazon.com

It has really cool base impact feature enabled. The headset actually like shake there’s a loud sound in game. Whether that be like shooting a gun or having explosion go off. It’s like an extra layer experience in the gaming that I definitely did not expect.

All-in all with it’s simulated 7.1 surround sound, this is a really fantastic headset from Gamdias. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a new budget gaming headset in general.

Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse

The next peripheral, I would like to cover is the Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB optical gaming mouse. This is $45 gaming mouse from Gamdias.  I don’t have the greatest things to say about it nor anything bad because I’d say it’s an average gaming mouse. 

gaming mouse
credit: amazon.com

It offers a great performance and it has RGB lighting with its hair software. It’s a decent build quality and the most important, it has RGB lighting that you want the most in 2020 gaming mouse. It’s still good though, for apex legends because it did have some really good accuracy on it as with most mouse in its price range. 

Gamdias Hermes M3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The closing of the peripherals, I have the Gamdias Hermes M3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is $90. It’s personal a little bit expensive what I’ve liked for a budget starting out gaming keyboard. 

gaming keyboard
credit: amazon.com

If you into something that’s niche specific that being something low-profile compact and almost actually portable. You can detach the micro USB cable from the keyboard. And this keyboard actually a pretty good solution for you. It has blue switches; it’s got a pretty nice tactile experience the RGB lights. In person they really bright which is great. The quality of this keyboard seems pretty rigid.

Now, the gaming monitor and gaming peripherals out of the way. I’ll wrap up with the piece of resistance of this gaming setup that being Spectre the $500 budget gaming PC. This PC built has a quad core Ryzen 3 2200G for $95 and Asus beautiful 50 Prime a motherboard for $75 which doesn’t need a BIOS update. And you could buy 8GB 266MHZ Patriot Ram for only $53. A really good looking deep cool matrix 55 case for $55, but those really cool RGB fans a 500-watt power supply and a 240GB SSD for $32.


The average and the overall usability for this $500 gaming PC offers is insane. Not only you can stream but also can-do editing job and even you can do VR gaming on the 1080p gaming performance. A $500 Spectre will do way too good in that category and off course includes Apex Legends.

A benchmark Test on Apex Legends 

benchmark test

If you’re looking for something modern into 2020 that sort of stuff. This RGB gaming setup for $800 going to provide you a really fast and lag-less 1080p gaming experience. It’s going to be really awesome for $800. A great introductory step, if you’re getting the gaming PC for the first time. That’s my gaming PC setup guide 2020 for the Apex Legends.

PC Gaming Setup

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