This Cheap Gaming Laptop under $500 - Lenovo S340 Review

I am going to cover these gaming laptops for students. My review on the Lenovo S340 and why I think it’s an undeniable option to go with for a gaming. And overall laptop for under $500. This budget laptop I’m about to show you which is a crazy value and something I would absolutely envied if I were say getting my own laptop when I was younger for like my first gaming slash overall everyday laptop for school.

Lenovo s340

I actually run the Lenovo S340 for my works and for my overall day-to-day life that I was a computer engineer and kind of brought back a lot of experiences. I think many of you who are reading this article may want to consider if you’re getting this cheap gaming laptop save for the year of 2020. If you’re a student or a gamer use this laptop on your school or university campus.

Best Lenovo Cheap Gaming laptop for MBA students

In this review page I’ll be covering the specs, the feel, the looks, the usability and the game performance. All in this article. But before we get started, I want to let you know the product link available on this page if you want to buy it right after reading this review. I think it is an awesome option for only $418.90 laptop. Let’s go ahead and get down and dirty with this $418 Lenovo S340.

Lenovo S340 Specs

Core i3-8145U, with Vega 8 graphics that can turbo boost up to 3.9 GHz. It has 8GB of DDR4 Ram. 256GB SSD. And 15.6-inch 1080p 60 Hertz display. Webcam, Keypad, Bluetooth 4.1, Win 10.

The Feel of This Laptop

The keyboard typing experience is incredible for $418.90. Like there’s a very good chance if I wanted to, I could totally replace my daily driver Huawei laptop with this Lenovo S340 because the keys, the wrist height and the overall feel and the construction of s340 is unbelievable for typing. I was really surprise with this budget laptop.

lenovo s340 keyboard

I recommend it if you were going to be a future computer engineer, computer scientist, English major or MBA students or anything else that’s going to be using the keyboard a lot. You were going to enjoy typing on this laptop. It is pretty spectacular.

The Construction

In general is very solid. It’s looks really nice especially in that matte blue color. And touchpad is good and I have no complaints. It’s a pretty alright touchpad, I mean it’s not amazing like a MacBook but it’s not terrible. It’s pretty average.

The looks of This Lenovo S340

Here’s something I think the laptop Lenovo S340 secretly shines in because this is one of the best laptops under $500 and when you think of most sub $500 laptops. You’ll think like poopy silver or black laptop form another manufacturer. But this Lenovo s340 has a really nice simplistic understanding look to it. Especially with some very subtle branding here and there and the colors on the s340 are pretty attractive too. There’s a little bit of a matte finish on it as well which is a little bit of a standout, that’s another cool thing to the paint job on this budget gaming laptop. It’s little bit cooler than you think.

Lenovo S340

One of the cons of this laptop is there’s no backlighting on any of the keys. It’s not an issue at all if you’re typing in the day. But if you’re student who quickly grinding out an essay right before it’s due at midnight, you can’t exactly see the keys in the dark.

The Usability

The Lenovo S 340, most certainly excels in this category. It has an HDMI output which is going to be super awesome if you want to extend the display of s340 to a widescreen monitor or ultrawide. You can boost up your IDE or your code text editor onto another screen.

It has a USB type C port which is really awesome. If you have a phone like the pixel 4 that has a USB C on it and you want to just charge it with the s340 in between classes.

It has headphone jack which is another big plus. It has two more USB 3.0 ports on the right side of the laptop which is the correct place to put it if you want to hook up an external mouse. It has also an SD card reader which is another huge yes for the s340.

If all that wasn’t appealing enough the battery life on the Lenovo s340 is really awesome. Actually, in the middle of a 50-minute class session I got about a 12% reduction in overall battery life from 100% to 88%. If you’re going to be using this thing all day is going to be plenty. There’s going to be worry at all when it comes to battery life.

How about the performance and overall gaming performance? 

lenovo s340 benchmark result
lenovo s340 benchmark test for gaming

It’s going to be interesting to find out because this cheap gaming laptop uses which is a combination between a CPU and GPU and one chip which is also called an APU. It has those Vega 8 graphics. Here in some 1080p gaming benchmark in league of legends maxed setting, I got about 69.6 FPS and CSGO on low settings, I got about 67.6 FPS. On overwatch at low settings, I got 57.3 FPS. Minecraft at totally maxed out, I got 104 FPS no problem right there. Fortnite at low settings at a 50% render resolution, I got 66.7 FPS and then a Rainbow Sox Siege at low settings, I got 68 Frames per second. Conclusion in gaming performance on the Lenovo s340, it’s better than you hope, the less than you think.

Now let’s finish up with pros and cons of the Lenovo s340. I’m going to start off with the cons first.


  • Lack of storage for creators
  • Not an amazing screen
  • Gaming performance is understandably very lacking. If you’re going to be gaming like a lot of eSports titles like League Legends and CSGO, you won’t have a problem. But if wanted to play fortnite or PUBG, you are going to run into some issues because the s340 with those Vega 8 graphics just don’t have enough firepower for high end titles like that.


  • The keyboard and I/0 make this laptop a top tier workhorse.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Appealing modern design


In the end if you’re looking at the Lenovo s340 for under $500, the really big things that really stood up for me are one the usability and overall versatility of this laptop. There’s so much I owe you can work with the HDMI port, the SD card reader, the USB type C port. And maintaining the low profile and nice-looking image that I think would blend in really well in a university or school setting. And finish that all off with awesome battery life.  This is the laptop to consider if you’re looking for a sub 500 dollars laptop for the holiday season. You can buy or read full review of Lenovo S340.

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